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Technical Management Consulting in the Field of Fibre-reinforced Composite Materials

composite consult GmbH is a group of consulting engineers which has devoted itself to the field of fibre-reinforced composite materials.

We not only have the technical but also the economic issues in view and assist our customers worldwide, from their ideas right up to their implementation. In the process, we provide problem-oriented and project-specific advice on a significant scale. We fully take on the location selection for manufacturing operations, the precisely detailed production planning and a sustainable and comprehensible manufacturing concept. Within the framework of a permanent business relationship and at their request, we assist the customers from the start of the production phase up to aftercare and technical assistance. In accordance with our advice, components in fibre composite materials are specified and built cost-effectively under the optimized conditions of all the processes involved in their production. We are recognized for production-oriented design in issues concerning rotor blade production and nacelle and hub cladding. In the process, production layouts, economic feasibility and location monitoring provide the necessary planning reliability for our customers. Here, we provide assistance with well-developed cost-benefit analyses and check several production variants for their technical feasibility and their costs. A concise variant comparison provides clarity for future optimization.

We bring with us:
Know-how in the field of fibre-reinforced composite materials, the latest technologies, efficient processes and individual designs, as well as the associated tools, equipment and flexibility. We work not only nationally but also overseas.

  • Technical Advice
  • Process and Product Audits
  • Production Monitoring
  • Process and Quality Optimization
  • Production Planning
  • Repair Assistance

Into New Markets with New Technology

Wind energy has developed very quickly in recent years. Wind energy plants are complex systems which must meet different requirements. A well-constructed rotor blade creates reliability in the trouble-free operation and the efficiency of a plant. Our services are fully concentrated on the production inspections in the construction of rotor blades and nacelle and hub cladding. We are experts in the area of problem-oriented and project-specific consultation in the installation and operation of these components of wind energy plants. On request, our certified inspectors assist our customers in all projects concerning rotor blades. We work not only with the operating companies but also with the manufacturers of off and onshore wind energy plants.

We operate nationally and internationally, provide comprehensive consultancy services and carry out technical inspections on wind energy plants. We are among the leading specialists in glass fibre-reinforced composite materials.

Our consulting services start at an early stage. There are doubts about whether the supplier is the right one? Professionals with long-standing experience should be relied upon for location selection, production planning and concept? A careful process audit should perfect the production? With us, all the questions are answered from a single source. We comprehensively assist and support in the development of Quality Management and Quality Assurance Systems.

We are the experts for prototypes and initial sample inspection. Our expert assessments are not only theoretical, but, by means of practical tests, we analyse whether everything really does work. Subsequently, at the customers’ request, we train their employees so that the theory finds its way into practice.

Helgoland – North Sea Project
Regular inspections help create efficiency and long-lived working in the wind energy plants in the North Sea.

"Cooperation Israel and Germany is not exactly obvious. But she has been working very well for eight years. We value the personal approach and the routine work of the teams."
Roni Yakobovich, RTIAviation Products Ltd., Israel

Technical Advice
Customer contact in tune with the needs of the customer through a well-trained team with its own ideas.

Supplier audits, optimization audits and documentation audits validated in accordance with the specifications of the certification authorities or of the customers.

Taicang / China Project
Process and quality optimization with completely converted works at the customer’s order.

"Technical know-how in technical consulting and active accompaniment of all production phases, especially in our production facilities in India and China, is necessary. For many years we have cooperated with the inspectors of composite consult GmbH. They ensure smooth processes and quality-oriented work."
Micha Schulz, Vice President Global Supply Chain, Project at Service Quality at Senvion SE, Osterrönfeld

Process and Quality Optimization
Develop and implement the ideal solution in cooperation with the customer and the manufacturer.

You’re in Safe Hands with Us

We are a group of consulting engineers which has asserted itself in the market for ten years. We graduate engineers around our founder, Guido Wittwer, are a close-knit group because we have known each other for a long time and work confidently together. Our customers are amongst the largest wind energy plant manufacturers and operating companies in the world. Right from the start, our specialist advice was sought-after. Without exception, we all have experience in the field of manufacturing and make use of our in-depth, all-round knowledge in upcoming projects. We have grown organically and the field of wind energy without us is no longer imaginable. Ongoing training and further education complement our broadly-based knowledge still further. We are old hands and have a good reputation. We bring the technical background for this with us. We maintain an active back office which makes consultation possible at all times. Via our subsidiary company – tools for composite GmbH – we can also carry out practical trials such as material and / or component tests.

Our auditors are certified. This is important to us. Specialist expertise that is continuously and traceably documented for our customers. New challenges drive us forward. We look for them and deal with them. Being up-to-date is important in the large wind energy industry. composite consult GmbH has been right at the front since its foundation. This is our place – this is how we define ourselves.

innogy Portugal Project
Production monitoring is a statutory duty for the manufacturers and operating companies of wind energy plants. We support innogy in Portugal in a shift system.

"Composite consult GmbH is an important player in quality-assured assessments of the manufacture of rotor blades and their operation. The inspectors are trained both onshore and offshore. Currently they are supporting us in a project in Portugal."
Karsten Lömker, O&M Portfolio Manager bei c/o innogy SE, Hamburg

Production Monitoring
In adherence to the specifications, defects are analysed and solution models are created. Process optimization is the top priority.

Process and Quality Optimization
To always be one idea ahead is an obligation. We develop comprehensive, long-lasting and efficient customer concepts.

Into New Markets with Robust Processes

Consultancy, audits and production monitoring are our mission. Here, it is important to continuously improve. We work on this every day. Our vision for our customers is: To maintain and further develop the quality of our services in order to create so much added value for our customers that our work pays for itself through the high level of sustainability. We want to establish robust processes for our customers worldwide. In this case, robust means stable, reproducible and trouble-free. Processes that run and are always improving. We want to convert the critical processes of our customers into robust processes. Our mission for the future is to gain industries so that we can apply the processes used in wind energy, namely the cost-efficient building of large components using stable processes and with good quality control, in other sectors and with other subjects.

We are visionaries and think ahead. We want to arrive at an industrialized product starting with a large structural component produced manually at the workshop level. The risks must be minimized. Our quality must be exemplary. We are already very close to this.