composite consult GmbH
Hof Göhren 13
19061 Schwerin
Tel.: 0385 - 59 38 36 50
Fax: 0385 - 59 38 36 49
E-Mail: kontakt@composite-consult.de

Contact information for our team

Welcome to composite consult GmbH. Our objective is the optimization of processes in compliance with the specifications, from assistance with the prototype phase up to series production. We give comprehensive advice where the production of fibre-reinforced composite materials is concerned. Our customers commission us to carry out process, manufacturing and expert assessment activities.

You haven’t found the keyword for your problem on our website? Nevertheless, it could be that we have a solution for you. For project enquiries, please use our contact form and indicate for which fields of activity you require assistance. We will deal with it promptly and gladly contact you by e-mail or telephone.

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