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Audits, Production Monitoring and Inspection of Rotor Blades

We are a solid, large and reliable partner in the production monitoring and inspection of rotor blades in wind energy. Here we are widely-based true professionals. Thus, we work fully in close cooperation with our customers and the certification authorities. This is what distinguishes us. We give advice at the shop floor level and are continuously educating ourselves. We know our way around in Germany, are expert assessors in EU legislation and are active all around the world. We inspect rotor blades, expertly assess damage and give advice concerning repair and further product development.

We are recognized auditors in the field of fibre-reinforced composite materials and, thanks to our many years of experience at our subsidiary company – tools for composite GmbH –ask the right questions in the field of manufacturing – qualified and targeted. Audited companies count on specialist justification and the necessity for modification measures in accordance with our advice. Because we want to produce the best quality and robustness of the products. It is important to recognize and implement optimization opportunities in order to check that the highest quality and the technical documentation can be guaranteed. We offer targeted audits within the framework of your own quality assurance. From these we develop action plans, priorities and appropriate recommendations. We can ensure an efficient quality standard.

Our audits are practise-oriented and are well-prepared together with our customers. The presentation of the results is based on facts and is comprehensible.

At a Glance:
For many years we have been active in the field of on and offshore wind energy. We operate in the following areas of service:

  • Development of monitoring systems for compliance with regulations
  • Data analyses and monitoring
  • Service life analysis and assessment
  • Rotor blade inspection at regular intervals
  • Development and implementation of repairs – also series production repair
  • Technical Advice
  • Process and quality audits
  • Production monitoring
  • Process and quality optimization
  • Production planning
  • Repair assistance

Technical Advice

Our services are needed when process optimization becomes necessary. Our engineers are trained and give training on site. We are always willing to step in when production monitoring becomes necessary. In doing so, we are an experienced company that provides not only short-term, but also long-term advice. Our focus lies on the inspection of defects and manufactured components. We are certified loss assessors. The defect analysis of individual and also series production components is one of our most frequent tasks. In the ideal case, our engineers employed worldwide work in an advisory capacity in order to remedy potential damage before it occurs or to prevent it from arising in the first place.

If damage has occurred, we establish action plans for rectification and oversee the carrying out of the necessary repairs. Our advice is aimed at comprehensive and long-lasting objectives. Very often, the requests of our customers reach us relatively late. Then the problem is big and must be quickly remedied. We are often called when the company itself lacks qualified employees. Then we train and build up a core of competent employees which is capable of carrying out the requirements.

With our consultancy services, we place great importance on the long-term principles which we have imposed on ourselves and according to which we always work. Transparency, honesty and ambition.

Production monitoring for the duration of a complete production segment as an on-site engineering service. Implementation of optimum production conditions and components.

Partial Service
Expert damage assessment in the event of, for example, the breaking off of a rotor blade on land or on water. Expert assessment and assistance for the entire series.

Partial Service
At the customer’s wish, the training of employees for an optimized, efficient and long-lasting production process.

Process and Product Audits

An audit is the recording of the here and now without evaluation. An analysis of the actual situation. We are auditors who, at the customer’s request, also provide improvement and optimization recommendations. This is our goal. We make recommendations so that our customers receive solutions.

Our employees are qualified auditors. We regularly carry out audits and have a lot of experience, not only with customers but also with suppliers, all along the value-added chain. Robust processes are the focal point of an audit. In the interests of our customers, these must be achieved in order to guarantee trouble-free production.
Our customers commission us because we look through the entire process chain in the manufacture of large GRP structures or long fibre-reinforced structural components. Our customers commission us so that they know exactly where they stand. We are accurate, objective and analyse in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

Our audits at our customers always lead to success and the power to make decisions. We identify weak points and present solutions that deliver added value for the customer.

Helgoland – North Sea Project
Regular inspections help create efficiency and long-lived working in the wind energy plants in the North Sea.

Production Monitoring

When designs or production facilities have weak points, it makes sense, within the scope of production monitoring, to document where these are and how they can and must be permanently eliminated. Our globally active employees work for many weeks of the year in China, India, Portugal, France and, naturally, Germany, in order, as a team and within the scope of production monitoring, to find out where the problems lie. Seamless documentation is produced. In doing so, we have seen a lot, analysed a lot and repaired a lot so that we can well assess where there is the need for optimization in designs and production facilities. We monitor reliably because we know all the processes.

We know the operating resources required for the monitoring of processes. Over and above this, we analyse the production periphery. Did you know that production halls in southern countries should not have windows? GRP parts suffer. Production halls must be built differently there.

If necessary and ideally, an advisory consultation, both theoretical and practical, is associated with our production monitoring. Our aim in doing so: Achieving the quality targets of our customers.

innogy Portugal Project
Production monitoring is a statutory duty for the manufacturers and operating companies of wind energy plants. We support innogy in Portugal in a shift system.

Process and Quality Optimization

For the optimization of processes and the guaranteeing of stable quality standards, we provide Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEAs) all over the world. Thanks to their broad experience, our consultants are much in demand. This distinguishes us from many other providers. We know what we are talking about because all of us can look back on many years of production experience. We deliver the theory and master the practice in detail. We live from the fact that our consultants are experienced, thinking and creative. They willingly pass on their knowledge without the infringement of protective rights. Quality and process-oriented advice means more information and improved quality for every customer. We are inquisitive and interested in working on new projects. We are happy dealing with tricky challenges.

Taicang / China Project
Process and quality optimization with completely converted works at the customer’s order.

Partial Service
Autonomous responsibility for assistance with the complete process and production development for a prototype.

Partial Service
Training of employees in India so that they understand the manual skills.

Production Planning

Our expert knowledge starts at an early stage and, if required, can be used very early on. When it is desired, we assist our customers from the idea to the implementation. We also have experience of when a fabrication has only existed on a desk for a long time. Components need to be built? Together with our customers we plan where and how and what it would cost to produce them. As we have for many years assisted in the construction of factories, we know what is important, in particular with minor details, for the assurance of the success of a smooth-running production operation and high-quality manufacturing. We are not the architects in this process. We do not build expensive monuments, but we plan the basic design of a factory. Everything must run smoothly. Questions such as how much power does this factory need and from where should it come can be calculated and answered. How do I organize a factory? Under which boundary conditions should the factory be equipped in order to produce well? A lot of questions, the answering of which should be left to the professionals. Experiments are exciting but are not calculable. We leave this to others. Together with our customers we design their workflow. In doing so, we also consider country-typical and cultural standards.

Repair Assistance

A wind energy plant only functions well and for a long time if the production, in particular of the rotor blades, is carried out with care and quality-consciously. Defects in the rotor blades reduce the service life and the energy yield of a wind energy plant. Damage results from defects. Damage that can be avoided. As independent experts, we check and monitor the blade production at the manufacturer and document defects.

Our team of inspectors performs for you – onshore and offshore:

  • Recurring inspections of the plant
  • Repair supervision
  • Comprehensive documentation (including rotor blade and expert damage assessments)
  • Auditing of the rotor blade production
  • Monitoring of the entire production line from goods inwards up to the transport of the rotor blades
  • Monitoring and checking of repairs and internal works quality acceptance
  • Document checking, professional arrangements and agreements “face to face” with the rotor blade manufacturer