composite consult GmbH
Hof Göhren 13
19061 Schwerin
Tel.: 0385 - 59 38 36 50
Fax: 0385 - 59 38 36 49
E-Mail: kontakt@composite-consult.de

System Supplier of Components in Fibre-reinforced Composite Materials

composite consult GmbH is a consultancy company, the extensive production knowledge of which is supported by the experiences of its subsidiary company, tools for composite GmbH (tfc).

tfc tools for composite GmbH is a system supplier of individual composite components, from prototypes right up to series production. It operates at the Güstrow site for national and international customers and builds up the complete value-added chain from the idea via development to the final product. Amongst other things, the products are used in wind energy plants and as components for ships, aeroplanes and rail vehicles. tfc operates its own manufacturing facilities for the production of long-fibre-reinforced structural components in quantities of 0 to 10,000 parts. Here, we can carry out practical trials such as material and component tests, production ideas can be tested, and we have our own process laboratory and extensive metrology equipment which we can fall back on. tfc is a place of retreat, our home. There is lived what as consultants is carried outside.

The two companies enrich and complement our daily work. Here we bring together theory and practice in an ideal manner. In addition, we serve the personnel resources of tfc. with large projects. One hand washes the other. Nothing is impossible.

Our customers have the big advantage of employing a consultancy company that can not only be theoretical. We are able to reproduce the things, which we as consultants bring to our customer, in his order with tfc.