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System Solutions for Rotor Blades

For more than 10 years, we have been engaged in the field of wind energy with comprehensive advice in the area fibre-reinforced composite materials. Our engineers develop system solutions within our core skills – the manufacture of rotor blades and nacelle and hub cladding for wind energy plants. Here we provide comprehensive solutions. If required, we accompany a rotor blade for the whole of its life. Our portfolio ranges from supplier audits right up to repairs to the wind energy plants – not only onshore, but also offshore. One advantage: They have many years of practical experience and know how to read specifications. Our objective together with our customers is, therefore: Process optimization in compliance with the specifications, from assistance with the prototype phase up to series production. We give comprehensive advice where the production of fibre-reinforced composite materials is concerned. Our customers commission us to carry out process, manufacturing and expert assessment activities. This is what distinguishes us.

We obtain a rational specification translated into component quality. Thereby, on completion the customer receives exactly that what he wanted. Robust components that are resistant to wind and weather.

Thanks to our subsidiary company – tools for composite GmbH – which itself manufactures components - we are always up-to-date. We are specialists in detecting defects, in their evaluation and, together with the manufacturers, in the development of solutions. Our customers want the best components. They get them with our help. With project-specific advice and a comprehensive manufacturing concept. Remain competitive with us. We make your project our project.

The Company
We are the specialists in the field of fibre-reinforced composite materials in the wind energy industry. Specific manufacturing experience makes us your most important advisor and partner.

In addition to technical consultation and assistance with various production phases, our inspectors support you both on and offshore. We develop quality criteria and inspection and test methods.

As a global player, we find ourselves on every continent of the world. The satisfaction of our customers is, and will remain, our greatest incentive.

Please talk to us. We are broadly based, advise and support but are also capable of manu­fac­tu­ring with our own manu­fac­tu­ring company in Güstrow.

The Company

composite consult GmbH is a group of consulting engineers which has devoted itself to the field of fibre-reinforced composite materials.

We not only have the technical but also the economic issues in view and assist our customers worldwide, from their ideas right up to their implementation. In the process, we provide problem-oriented and project-specific advice on a significant scale. We fully take on the location selection for manufacturing operations, the precisely detailed production planning and a sustainable and comprehensible manufacturing concept. Within the framework of a permanent business relationship and at their request, we assist the customers from the start of the production phase up to aftercare and technical assistance. In accordance with our advice, components in fibre composite materials are specified and built cost-effectively under the optimized conditions of all the processes involved in their production. We are recognized for production-oriented design in issues concerning rotor blade production and nacelle and hub cladding. In the process, production layouts, economic feasibility and location monitoring provide the necessary planning reliability for our customers. Here, we provide assistance with well-developed cost-benefit analyses and check several production variants for their technical feasibility and their costs. A concise variant comparison provides clarity for future optimization.

We bring with us:
Know-how in the field of fibre-reinforced composite materials, the latest technologies, efficient processes and individual designs, as well as the associated tools, equipment and flexibility. We work not only nationally but also overseas.


We are a solid, large and reliable partner in the production monitoring and inspection of rotor blades in wind energy. Here we are widely-based true professionals. Thus, we work fully in close cooperation with our customers and the certification authorities. This is what distinguishes us. We give advice at the shop floor level and are continuously educating ourselves. We know our way around in Germany, are expert assessors in EU legislation and are active all around the world. We inspect rotor blades, expertly assess damage and give advice concerning repair and further product development.

We are recognized auditors in the field of fibre-reinforced composite materials and, thanks to our many years of experience at our subsidiary company – tools for composite GmbH –ask the right questions in the field of manufacturing – qualified and targeted. Audited companies count on specialist justification and the necessity for modification measures in accordance with our advice. Because we want to produce the best quality and robustness of the products. It is important to recognize and implement optimization opportunities in order to check that the highest quality and the technical documentation can be guaranteed. We offer targeted audits within the framework of your own quality assurance. From these we develop action plans, priorities and appropriate recommendations. We can ensure an efficient quality standard.

Our audits are practise-oriented and are well-prepared together with our customers. The presentation of the results is based on facts and is comprehensible.

At a Glance:
For many years we have been active in the field of on and offshore wind energy. We operate in the following areas of service:

  • Development of monitoring systems for compliance with regulations
  • Data analyses and monitoring
  • Service life analysis and assessment
  • Rotor blade inspection at regular intervals
  • Development and implementation of repairs – also series production repair

Technical Advice
Customer contact in tune with the needs of the customer through a well-trained team with its own ideas.

Supplier audits, optimization audits and documentation audits validated in accordance with the specifications of the certification authorities or of the customers.

Production Monitoring
In adherence to the specifications, defects are analysed and solution models are created. Process optimization is the top priority.

Process and Quality Optimization
Develop and implement the ideal solution in cooperation with the customer and the manufacturer.

Partial Service
At the customer’s wish, the training of employees for an optimized, efficient and long-lasting production process.

Partial Service
Expert damage assessment in the event of, for example, the breaking off of a rotor blade on land or on water. Expert assessment and assistance for the entire series.


A wind energy plant only functions well and for a long time if the production, in particular of the rotor blades, is carried out with care and quality-consciously. Defects in the rotor blades reduce the service life and the energy yield of a wind energy plant. Damage results from defects. Damage that can be avoided. As independent experts, we check and monitor the blade production at the manufacturer and document defects.

Our team of inspectors performs for you – onshore and offshore:

  • Recurring inspections of the plant
  • Repair supervision
  • Comprehensive documentation (including rotor blade and expert damage assessments)
  • Auditing of the rotor blade production
  • Monitoring of the entire production line from goods inwards up to the transport of the rotor blades
  • Monitoring and checking of repairs and internal works quality acceptance
  • Document checking, professional arrangements and agreements “face to face” with the rotor blade manufacturer